Jewel Homes

Set in style is a ‘Home away from home’. ‘Jewel Home Stay‘ adorns all the beauty and elegance of a precious property. The place oozes style, the rooms are beautifully appointed and well equipped, the food served is excellent and the couple who run and own the place are charming. Stay with a trusted host family when you travel as a tourist or a visitor. Those who prefer their privacy may feel more relaxed at Jewel as it offers separate accommodations for guests, rather than rooms in the family home. The first floor has an exquisite coffee area and the second floor holds a kitchen and storage area. The balconies on both the floors bring in fresh air. Jewel stands out in terms of service, cleanliness, and ambiance!

“At Jewel, comfort and service second to none”

The concept of home stay clearly means ‘bed and breakfast’ but at Jewel you will find hospitality at its best. The wealth of information that the hosts have about their local area makes deciding on what to see and do an ease. There's a huge difference between Indian food served in restaurants or hotels and the food cooked in an Indian home. It's a lot lighter, and has more variation and flavor than restaurant food. As a guest at a home-stay, the focus is on you, your likes and your preferences. The hosts are very accommodating and will put a great deal of effort into making your stay comfortable.


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"Jewel home stay is not just bread and bed, it is experiencing life by sharing meals and celebrating diversity"

Deepak, Trivandrum